Roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the coffee origins that have stayed at the top of the quality hit-list for years. And for good reason. The Jamaican Coffee Farmers are good at what they do, and the quality standards and controls are some of the fiercest you will ever see.

Oubu Coffee is roasted and packaged in Jamaica and is available as both roasted whole beans or ground coffee. We typically provide wholesale pack sizes but can accommodate most requirements in terms of pack sizes and quantities.

Taste profile

We take great care in getting one of the worlds best coffees to your doorstep. Whether you need green beans or roasted coffee – we’ve gone all out.

Roasted, you will find that Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is exceptionally delicate and smooth, with a sweet and balanced taste with just a hint of soft citrus. A gem in the specialty coffee segment.

We’re happy to send you samples and help you find the right use for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in your product portfolio. Just get in touch so we can start the conversation!

How to market Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

If you’re looking to upgrade how you market your coffee and thereby increase awareness of your brand then we’re the partner for you. Consumers today are sophisitcated in their knowledge of coffee and expectations and to satisfy them you need to ensure access to information is effortless.

With the Oubu Coffee insigth platform your marketing material will be boosted significantly, and you will be able to give your customers detailed information about every single batch of coffee.

Get in touch to hear how our insigt platform gives you unique marketing tools. Whether you are a brand owner or a roaster or trader.

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