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Oubu - blockchain verified
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Why blockchain verification?
...and why is it important

If you want to make sure that your Gucci handbag is real – you buy it in a Gucci store. How do you make sure that when you buy an exclusive coffee product you actually get what you pay for? 

Check out how all coffee from Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate is blockchain verified and how it makes the world of a difference.

We are very serious about protecting the authenticity of our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee suppliers and partners, as it is the only way to safeguard rural coffee producers and their families.

Read more about how Web 3.0 and blockchain technology is used on the ground to ensure full traceability! 

Quick delivery of freshly roasted coffee

Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is produced exclusively at Sherwood Forest Coffee Estate in Jamaica where it is reaped, dried, sorted, roasted and packed in small batches – produced to order so your coffee is always fresh. 

Try our medium or dark roasted beans, our unique peaberry  – or catch some of the exclusive batches when they are available – like our ‘top of the world’ coffee from ‘Big Level’ a large coffee are at very high altitude. 

Out of the blue...

The name ‘Oubu’ is a play on the words ‘out of the blue’ which embodies everything about this beautiful coffee origin.

The Jamaica Blue Mountains are home to some of the worlds best coffee. Before the coffee world knew the term ‘Specialty Coffee’, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee had already made an impression on the world, and is to this day appreciated for its distinct flavor. 

Today Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is an exclusive and premium niche coffee for  true coffee connoisseurs and is still produced much the same way it was over 200 years ago. The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee trade is entering a new era focused on protecting our beautiful origin and connecting with our international coffee drinkers digitally.